All learning has an emotional base.” 

Developing children's emotional and social intelligence, EQ Kids Club introduces children to a world of music, role play, arts, books and toys which  enables their creativity to flourish.
Our founder, Marcia Morales, opened her first EQ Kids Club in Frisco, Texas in November 2016. She and her husband Gordon Rae had just returned to the Dallas / Fort Worth area after spending some years in Sydney, Australia. Marcia brings with her nearly twenty-five years in international business development, corporate training, marketing, business analysis, and brand development. In 2006, she began writing children’s books, focused on growing the child’s intellectual capacity by triggering the five senses for children and introducing the "Five Senses Reading Model (FSRM) to numerous families and schools.
Marcia’s books, the Can-I-C collection, are created for children between the ages of two and six years old. The aim of these interactive parenting tools are to elevate emotional and social skills and strengthen the bond between both parent and child. Her works are internationally recognized as beacons for the application of emotional intelligence and its many benefits to child and family development. In 2010, Marcia was interviewed by IBM as one of the top 50 “Creative Leaders” in the world. EQ Kids Club is Marcia’s way of sharing her experience, and these benefits, with families throughout our trade areas, while at the same time offering investors a business opportunity through the EQ Kids Club Franchise System.
  • We Measure Our Success through the Success of Our Franchisees
  • You Benefit from Our Experience in Applying Emotional Intelligence to Children’s Entertainment
  • We Offer Children and Parents a Unique Opportunity to Learn and Bond
  • Our Proprietary Curriculum Sets Us Apart
  • We are a Family-Owned Business Committed to Serve Families of the Area
  • Desirable Locations Available throughout Dallas / Fort Worth
  • Affordable start-up. Solid Return on Investment.
  • We Offer Two Business Models: Absentee Ownership & Owner-Operator
  • Ongoing, Hands-on Assistance for all Franchisees
  • Comprehensive Training in All Aspects of Operations, Marketing, Business Management

Marcia Morales Author  Book 3  -Jack and Chloe's Adventure continues  "What Can I taste? "