The resources gained by joining EQ Kids Club as a franchisee are truly significant and increase the likelihood of our franchisees’ success from day one throughout their time affiliated with the EQ brand. Below are only a few of the many reasons you should consider joining the EQ Kids Club franchise system.
Parents and their children who have come to EQ Kids Club have made our brand well known in the Collin/Denton County area. Parents who have tired of the unsanitary and crowded conditions of our competitors have learned to appreciate the adherence to cleanliness and organization our EQ Kids Clubs maintain. They also appreciate the long-lasting developmental benefits received by their children once exposed to emotional intelligence during their playtime. The proof is in the number of parents and kids who come back time and again to play at EQ Kids Club.
Small business owners simply don't have the time, skill or budget to match the integrated marketing campaigns that EQ Kids Club has developed. EQ Kids Club’s coordinated marketing campaigns drive brand awareness, customer loyalty and Club revenue.
  • Weekly/Monthly Campaigns
  • Website / Digital / Mobile
  • Direct Mail
  • Social Media
  • Community Relations
  • In-Club Promotions
EQ Kids Club’s franchisees benefit from their contribution to the company's advertising and public relations campaigns. These campaigns regularly reinforce the EQ Kids Club name and message with customers throughout our market areas. In addition, EQ coaches our franchisees to maximize the benefits of "guerilla marketing"; concepts that take advantage of low cost, yet highly effective advertising techniques.
Our reputation, not just as an innovative indoor playground, but as a facilitator of valuable item-supported developmental skills, has allowed us to build a carefully chosen network of world-class suppliers.  Each provides the type of playground environment, toys and playtime accessories caring parents want their children to have and enjoy. Their durability and overall quality is unmatched. Not only that, but EQ Kids Clubs offers only those items from vendors whose commitment to the environment is unmatched in the toy and playtime industry. We leverage our collective purchases of these brand-name products to allow EQ Kids Club franchisees the benefit of this massed buying power.
We keep up with the latest trends in playground features and fixtures, toys, kids costumes, and other playtime essentials.
EQ Kids Club product purchasing advantages include:
  • World-Class Products
  • Top Brand Names
  • Only Sustainable Toys
  • Collective Purchasing Power
  • Constant Profit Analyses
  • Longest possible warranties
  • Lowest possible minimum orders
  • One-stop shopping for all the best brands
  • Items recognized for durability, quality and “playability” 
  • Constant research for the best and safest products
  • Ongoing negotiations with the best suppliers for better costs
Owning and operating our own EQ Kids Club has taught us a thing or two about opening and operating these businesses successfully. While we have certainly made mistakes along the way, we have learned from them all. We’ll be sure you don’t make them yourself. We have harnessed our collective knowledge of every facet of the business and will pass it on to our franchisees. From getting a new EQ Kids Club up and running, to managing your day-to-day business activities, we're here to help.
The help starts before you even open and continues throughout your time invested in the EQ Kids Club family. Support includes:
  • Help in Applying for Needed Financing
  • Market Analysis Including Demographics
  • Professional Site Selection Expert
  • Lease Negotiation & Cost Controls
  • Territory Protection
  • Customizing Your Playground to Suit Your Chosen Theme
  • Detailed Instruction on Build-out … Signs, Paint, Carpet, etc. etc. etc.
  • Leveraged Advertising Investment … More for Your Money
  • Strong Online Presence including Social Media, Websites
  • Assistance with Grand Opening, Workshops & Special Events
  • Peer Level Seminars to Share Best Practices
  • Purchasing Power, Inventory Control & Merchandising Assistance
  • Automated Accounting and Reporting Systems
  • Coordination of “Never-Ending” Training
  • Ongoing Counseling from Field Support Staff
  • No Risk, No Cost Research and Development of New Products & Concepts
Franchise owners opening new EQ Kids Clubs receive counseling on financing, market analysis, location build-out, playhouses and associated equipment, signage, merchandising of retail products and more.
If there is one thing that studying this industry has taught us is that constant evolution is essential to succeed in our business. EQ Kids Club is totally committed to evolving our curriculum, location attractions, and franchise business model within our sector of the children’s entertainment center industry. This gives EQ Kids Club's franchisees an incredible competitive advantage.
Because we intend to continue managing company-owned EQ Kids Clubs, we will always be able to test new attractions and products, learn from our experiences, and improve our systems, processes, and tactics, all for the benefit of our franchise system.
This commitment to constant evolution also benefit our franchisees. Whether it’s analyzing new opportunities for additional EQ Kids Club locations, researching new playground attraction, creating compelling advertising campaigns or ensuring long-term customer satisfaction, we're driven to constantly innovate, evolving to meet the future.


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